We're supporting local, sustainable agriculture

Maine has so many healthy, local farms, but we import more of our food from out of state than any other state in the continental U.S. Too much of this imported food comes from big factory farms that pollute waterways, foul the air and fuel global warming. We’re working to change this by enabling Maine’s small, sustainable farms to feed more of our state.

News Release | Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine, Environment Maine

Moms Want Action to Protect Kids from 49 Dangerous Chemicals in Household Products

(AUGUSTA) Dozens of parents, physicians, scientists, and health advocates brought a 20-foot inflatable duck to the State House today and called for more action to protect kids from the most dangerous chemicals found in everyday products. For the second day in a row, the Environment and Natural Resources Committee held public hearings on bills that will guide Maine’s future actions to reduce children’s exposure to BPA and other toxic chemicals in the home. 

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News Release | Environment Maine

Environment Maine Applauds Action on Climate Change

Portland, Maine—Northeast and Mid-Atlantic state officials today announced improvements to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that would reduce power plant pollution in the region by more than 20 percent over the next decade.  However, Gov. Paul LePage indicated he will propose legislation to redirect the revenue Maine receives from auctioning pollution credits under the program, which is currently invested in energy efficiency.

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Feds send corrective order to Exxon after oil leak

“A change in direction of flow can affect the hydraulic and stress demands on the pipeline,” the order, dated Tuesday, says.

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Arkansas AG to investigate oil pipeline leak

About two dozen homes in Mayflower, in central Arkansas, were evacuated Friday as the crude oil, which originated in Canada and was bound for Gulf Coast refineries, crawled through yards and down streets spilled from a 2- or 3-inch gash in the underground Pegasus pipeline, officials have said. The evacuation could last for several more days as crews work to clean the spill.

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News Release

Exxon’s Tar Sands Oil Spill Shows Dangers of Maine Pipeline Project

Following the rupture of ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline on Friday afternoon, which spilled at least 84,000 gallons of tar sands oil and forced 22 families to evacuate their homes in the small town of Mayflower, Arkansas, Environment Maine Director Emily Figdor released the following response: “This accident must be a nightmare for the families suddenly having to evacuate their homes, but it’s also a glimpse into the very real consequences we could face in Maine if the Portland-Montreal pipeline is allowed to carry the same dirty tar sands oil through our state.

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